Web Development Services


Mark Development offers a comprehensive web development service, with the ultimate aim of producing a website that you are proud to use, one which ranks well with search engines, and one which your customers and target audience will be keen to engage with. Web development encompasses all aspects of creating a good online presence, from website build and maintenance through to quality design, superb user experience, search engine optimisation (SEO) and first class content creation. Mark Development takes care of each aspect of your online business.

It is important to us that the client is placed at the heart of the development process for two reasons. Firstly, it means that the finished website will be easy to work with, adaptable, and scalable. Secondly, understanding the client’s customer base and intended audience means that the website will result in the best possible user experience, crucial when generating valuable online traffic. To achieve these aims, Mark Development carries out a comprehensive consultation process – from initial contact through to making the website live, each stage of development is reviewed and revised with the client.

Mark Development offers a Staging Service for each client. This means the client is given the opportunity to preview each stage of the website as it develops. Initially, the website is built on a development server, which allows the client to preview work as it progresses. This Staging Service means that the client has a greater degree of control over quality review and feature testing. Even after the website goes live, the client has the option of testing and experimenting with new content, or administrative changes. Having the ability to do this means that the process quickly moves from being abstract, or based on drawings and discussions, on to something that the user can feel and manipulate, ultimately making the client much more confident in the prospect of the finished product.

Online traffic is increasingly shifting from desktop screens and on to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore it is important that your website is able to perform at optimum impact wherever it is being accessed. Mark Development only produces websites that work well on every platform or device. Working to the highest design standards, we will ensure that your website is responsive to whatever screen size or device type it is being viewed on.

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