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Your website says a lot about your business or your project. It gives the visitor an instant impression of your ethos, your quality standards, and your professionalism. What makes good website design? Despite the unlimited variety of websites out there, the best ones usually do the same things very well. First of all they look good. But good websites aren’t just about looks. They are also easy to use, organised well, with good ergonomic and navigation logic. Good web design should translate just as well to a smartphone as it does to a desktop screen. Mark Development is lucky to have worked with a variety of clients whose standards have been of the highest quality. Given our technical and creative approach to website development and design we are confident that we can design the best possible website for you.

The most important thing is to meet the needs of the client and their intended audience. This is achieved through a consultation process where issues such as structure, layout, content, and multimedia formats are discussed. The aesthetic foundations are put in place at this stage too – ranging from colour schemes to font options and imagery. Many people who click on to websites tend to skim through at first, therefore Mark Development understands the importance of being able to direct visitors to your most important products, messages, or information as quickly as possible. So as well as making sure your website looks good, and functions well for visitors, we strive to make your website design as competitive as possible by prioritising the key messages that your business or project wants to convey to visitors.

Nowadays, visitors to your website are accessing it on a variety of devices. In fact, more and more people are going online with their smartphones and tablets than their desktop computers. This means that web design has to accommodate these different devices if the website is to remain consistent. If, for example, your website has lots of graphics, how does this translate to a smartphone screen compared to a laptop or desktop computer? Mark Development takes a Responsive Approach to website design, which means that your website will adjust depending on the screen size and screen orientation of the person who is visiting. Making sure that your website is able to make dynamic changes is crucial when it comes to avoiding having a frustrated visitor. You could have the best looking website out there, but people would not spend too much time on your site if it was not loading properly or was difficult to read. Mark Development works towards the highest standards of consistency when it comes to web design.

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