Easily Update your own Website

All our websites come with Umbraco Content Management System.  Umbraco allows you, the website owner, the ability to easily update and manage your own web site.  Umbraco is simple to use and requires only very basic computer skills.

What will I be able to do on my web site?

With Umbraco you will be able to update your web site with ease, including:

  • Add new pages and text
  • Update existing pages and Text
  • Upload and add Images
  • Create Galleries
  • Add News and Blog Articles
  • Add Videos and Music
  • Delete, Move and Sort pages

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is a simple to use but powerfull Content Management System which is used by a wide variety of businesses, ranging from the very small to major multinationals and household names. Whatever the nature of your online venture, whether for personal use or business,  Umbraco has the tools to ensure that it is a success and that you can quicly and easily update your own web site when you wish.

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software tool which allows you, the web site owner, to produce and publish information online without the need for the technical knowledge involved in web design and development.

Why Umbraco?

There are three main things to consider when creating and maintaining a website. Firstly, is it easy for the website owner to use? Secondly, how secure is it? Thirdly, does it leave visitors with a positive experience, making them want to return again? Umbraco’s popularity stems from its reliability, flexibility, security, and the fact that it is incredibly user-friendly. These key principles have allowed Mark Development to successfully meet the demands of a variety of businesses and projects in recent years.

Umbraco makes it easy for the user to regularly update their website content. With Umbraco, writing and editing your content is simple and intuitive. This means that you are in control when it comes to updating or changing business or project details. And this is crucial for clients who are promoting and delivering products and services, or who have a fast-paced project on the go. What’s more, websites which are updated on a regular basis are rewarded by search engines such as Google by receiving a high ranking. This means that when prospective customers are searching online, your website will be prominent. Mark Development works closely with clients from the very beginning, providing the tutorial support to enable them to achieve these goals.

Umbraco offers you comprehensive design control and the freedom to create, meaning that you are not limited to specific templates or applications. This can help to really set you apart from competitors, creating a great first impression and a willingness from visitors to return again and again. Moreover, Umbraco is fully scalable. This means that your website can grow organically to meet the demands of your business or project. With Mark Development you can be assured that your website will be future-proofed.

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