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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the broad term used to describe techniques which are implemented in order to ensure that a website is ranked highly by search engines like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. This is a multi-faceted approach to creating websites which, if carried out successfully, should increase the number of visitors your site receives. People who are searching the internet for a particular product, service, or item of news will invariably click on websites that are on the first page of results. Good SEO writing will ensure that your website is highly ranked, meaning that your business or project will attract more visitors.

Mark Development works with you in order to make your website competitive in its particular market. SEO plays a large part in this. Good design and website structure is important, as is good user experience and excellent content. All of these ingredients must relate well with one another to achieve optimum results. For example, your website may include product pages, but if these pages are linked to a regular blog or an article then your website will achieve greater success. Organising your website’s written content so that it links in with a video, guide, or a slideshow again means that search engines will look more favourably upon it. Using important keywords throughout your website is very important, and making content easy to share, or having plenty of backlinks, again will add depth and authenticity to your business or project’s presence on the web.

Depth and authenticity are the core principles which separate good SEO from bad. For example, when incorporating keywords in to written content, you need to be wary that you do not end up producing content that does not make sense to the visitor or is plain unreadable. People will not stay on your site for long if this is the case, no matter how highly it is ranked. Moreover, search engines are now looking out for websites that are saturated with keywords, and they do not look favourably upon them. The fundamental principle that Mark Development adheres to is to always write and create content for human eyes first, and then blend this with expert SEO techniques. While good SEO makes sure that websites are responsive to the latest search engine algorithms, the people who are viewing it must have a good online journey. They have to enjoy the experience. After all, this is how your business or project will develop and grow.

Mark Development will always sit down with you and discuss your aims. Strategy is key when it comes to SEO. For example, what keywords do you want to focus on? This involves researching and thinking about your intended audience. This will then help you to focus on the most important topics you want to promote, and how you want to organise and structure all content on your website. Understanding your audience sounds like common sense, but it is surprising how many websites forget basic principles such as this. If you get the basics right, you give yourself a strong foundation upon which to build a successful website.

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