Use Google Plus for SEO

Google Plus is Google's social media platform, similar to Facebook.

Here is my Google Plus account: Mark Development on Google Plus

All I do is list any websites that I have developed and link back to a particular page on my website related to that page.   So, for example, if I were a plumber I could create a Google Plus article for each of my services and link back to that particular service on my website.  This is one of the key factors when linking back to your website: don't just link back to the home page all the time, link back to relevant content.

I could use Google Plus further by creating an article link to each new blog article I do on my web site, this would help.  But that is not what I want to use it for, you may want to: it is a good idea,

I spend very little time following people and buisiness on Google Plus.


There is one very good reason for signing up to Google Plus and keeping it up-to-date: If someone is signed in to their Google account or Gmail account (and lots of people are), when they perform a search then recent pages that were updated on Google Plus show in their search listing close to the top.   So for example, if someone is logged in to their Google account and searches for "Web Design East Kilbride" this (image below) is returned and it links them to my recent article in Google Plus and then they may visit my site as they know I actually do some work.  If you don't have anything to add to in Google Plus often, it would be a good idea just to re-list your services every so often, just to get them listed in this type of search result.


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