Use Facebook for SEO

Using Facebook seems obvious.  You can create a Business Listing in Facebook.  If you do not know how to do this, just let me know.

I have just started to use Facebook, here is my page as an example of how I will use it for business:

When setting your Facebook page up make sure you fill in the About Section and put a clear link to your web site, business email address, telephone number:


For me, the most important part of my Facebook page is the posts:

I use the posts to do two things:

  1. Link back to an individual page on my portfolio for each website I do. (hopefully getting me visits and helping my SEO)
  2. Link back to the actual new website (Giving you more hits hopefully and some free SEO, which I think is nice of me)

So, if I were a Plumber for example, I could use Facebook to link back to each of the services on my website from a post.  I may choose to do this every month just to highlight my services again and to keep the page active.  If I were a photographer, I would consider linking back to each section in my portfolio.  Again, I would do this every month or 2 just to keep the posts at the top.  At the moment I do no do this - but I may at some point create a post that links back to each new blog article I do, just with some teaser text that links to the full blog article on my website.

Feel free to like my Facebook page, I would appreciate it and if you are a client of mine, I will do the same:



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