General Advice

On these pages, I have listed social media and other services that you can use to help improve your website visibility and to help you get more business hopefully.  You may think some of them are not relevant to your business all of them can help drive business to you and your website.

It's up to you how many of these free services you use but all of them are relevant for different reasons.  They can be time consuming to set up initially but, once some of them are set up, you rarely need to visit them again.  Others, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I would recommend visiting often to follow other people in your area and relevant businesses, it does not take much time just to 'like' other people’s posts and follow relevant people (all this helps).  I have only recently started using these and I have noticed a big defence in my website ranking and enquiries.   I just follow people and businesses in the regions I work in, such as East Kilbride, and things related to the work I do.  Although all these social media services have phone apps you can also download them as it can be easier to sign up to them on your laptop and do the initial work there.  I just use the apps on my phone to quickly follow people and like peoples posts when I'm waiting for the kettle to boil.  I am not a fan of social media but if you are running any type of business I would say using it is essential.

All the services can be signed up for using your business email address and they are all free.  So, when signing up for a Google account you can sign up using your website email address. It's up to you if you use your personal address or business email address.  But using just use one email address makes it far simpler.  Especially when using the Google services.

I have put links to where you can sign up to these free services.  They will all help.  All these services are free, but if it is something you do not think you have the time to do but still think it is important, let me know.

When using these service do not just link back to your website home page all the time, link back to specific pages (I give examples of this throughout these pages).   There is no harm in linking back to your home page, as well as a specific page.

Do not take content or images from other web sites, search engines heavily penalise plagiarism.  Do not just go to Google images and grab an image.  I have included a page where you can get free to use images for your blogs and social media.

People can leave bad reviews on any of these services, the best way to handle this is to reply straight away to this.   I had a client who was getting bad reviews left by a competitor. This can happen in some businesses.

Link back to your site on any business listing that you have.  So for example, if I am a Builder and I am listed on the My Builder web site, make sure you link to your website.

Do not duplicate your own content: so for example change the text slightly if you are posting something on your website, on twitter, on Google plus, on Facebook.

Use your business email address on any websites or business cards, people are more likely to take you seriously, in my opinion.  I would rather contact a plaster with the email address: than .


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